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Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy helps children be successful at the “jobs” of childhood, including play, self-care, school performance, and social interactions. Using activities that seem like play to children, occupational therapy provides challenging activities designed to improve the skills children need in their daily life.

Each session is 45 minutes long

Speech Therapy

No matter what type of speech challenges your child exhibits, help is available from Speech Therapy. We provide speech therapy services to children and adolescents—in individual sessions. We apply a “partnering” approach in our therapy services: working closely with you, your child and your family to get the speech therapy results .

Each session is 45 minutes long

Clinical Psychology

All children experience difficulties as they grow up, those whose troubles do not go away or seem to be more intense than other children's problems, may be in need of assistance. Many problems are transient and require only short term treatment. Early treatment can prevent the development of more serious problems down the road.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy uses a variety of therapeutic approaches to enable children to be more successful and independent in their environment. Children with physical impairments enhance their strength, endurance, If your child’s physician has indicated a need for physical therapy, .We will consult with you on appropriate physical therapy treatments and will set up a pediatric therapy program customized for your child’s needs and your schedule.

We apply a “partnering” approach in our therapy services: working closely with you, your child and your family to get the physical therapy results

Mobility using playful, fun activities designed and implemented by a trained physical therapist.

Group Therapy

The programme is designed for children without identified special educational needs, which helps to equip children with the basic skills needed to interact and play appropriately with their peers. Children will be exposed to concepts such as sharing, listening, waiting, taking turns and playing games with rules. Their caregivers will learn how to support these skills for the children in different environments.

Hand writing training

With our hand writing training program you child wil master stroke and curves of handwriting. Your child will learn the spacing(gaps between the letter) slants,margins,loops, Letter formation .connecting and disconnecting of the strokes so on. Developing legible handwriting to efficiently and neatly complete school assignments

Neuro Developmental Therapy

Neuro Developmental Therapy is a non-invasive programme of movements which aims to promote development of the nervous system and the inhibition of primative reflexes.

It can be very helpful for some Adults with Anxiety and panic disorders and it can help people, particularly children and teenagers,

Specific learning difficulties (Dyslexia), Co-ordination and balance difficulties (Dyspraxia) , Behavioural and social difficulties including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), ADHD and Aspergers Children who are generally under achieving Bed wetting (enuresis) when it is due to developmental delay

Behavior Modification Therapy

Behavior modification therapy, also known as cognitive behavior therapy, entails usage of certain techniques and strategies to modify the abnormal behavior of an individual, and make him follow and act in certain new positive ways, when faced with an environmental stimuli. This therapy uses negative reinforcements, such as punishments as well as positive reinforcements such as rewards, to bring about a change in individuals. Let us learn in detail about this therapy, by looking at its various aspects and uses.

Remedial Education

We provide activity based remedial education for your child,through individual education plan(IEP)

  • Help your child over come his/her academic challenges

  • Child level based curriculum formation.

Audiotry Integration

Therapeutic Listening is a term used to describe combined use of a number of electronically altered compact discs in a prescribed manner, but with equipment that can be used in many environments. Therapeutic Listening implies that the listening programs are individualized to each client and are ideally suited for application in home and school setting.

Maximum effectiveness in treatment outcomes is promoted by daily use. The use of modulated and filtered music in conjunction with sensory integrative occupational therapy techniques seems to increase the effectiveness of both treatment modalities.

There is commonly a decrease in the time necessary to meet treatment goals in the areas of: modulation, balance and movement perception; an increase in exploration of the environment, sense of physical competence, drive to challenge one’s praxis and sequencing abilities, and improved social competence and language abilities

Early Intervention

It is for children aged zero to three. The therapy covers all developmental areas (gross motor, fine motor, language, cognitive, social, and self help). It is compulsory for the parents or care givers to attend sessions with their child, as the exercises taught in the session must be practiced continually at home.

Each child is entitled to a bi-annual assessment complete with a written report listing the programme goals for the child. The session will be conducted by either an Occupational /Physical Therapist/speech therapist

Each session is 45 minutes long .

Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory integration is the organization of sensory information for ongoing use. It is the ability to receive and process information from all the senses (touch, movement, smell, taste, vision, and hearing), organize or integrate that information within the brain, and then respond in a meaningful way.

Sensory integration provides the necessary foundation for more complex learning and behavior, including motor planning ability, attention, adaptive behavior, and academic learning.